Why Delhi NCR Complaints

Delhi NCR Complaints is a place where people can share their challenges/issues or concerns related to this place which they face in their everyday life. You can also share your expert advice or any feasible solution to the shared concern. A vast number of problems faced by Delhiites and NCRites are left unheard; at some point of time we feel the lack or absence of right platform where we can share our concern and bring it in notice of whole nation. This is a sincere effort to bring concerns in light and find some feasible solution with the help of people with different perspectives, expertise and knowledge from all across the nation. We are only focused to Delhi NCR, so that we can contribute maximum in the benefit of its people.

Gather Around An Issue

The heart of Delhi NCR Complaints is voice — voice of Delhi NCR people which we raise through our articles. Our articles are only the textual form of real life problems/challenges/issues faced by general public of Delhi NCR. It’s an open platform where anybody can share his/her real life challenges related to his/her public life in this region.

We are committed to bring people together from different corners of society to share their respective expert advice and take the conversation in the right direction. We want to make this platform as a discussion forum where people can discuss and debate over number of issues with the sole motive of getting a good, noble outcome.

Understanding Delhi NCR and The People

As residents and daily commuters of Delhi NCR, we know and understand better this part of region. We know the beauty as well as shortcomings of Delhi NCR. We know the geography and psyche of this place. So, we as people of Delhi NCR can contribute our best to make this beautiful place even better.

The Path We Walk

Our motive is not to project Delhi NCR in negative or defamatory light as few of us may assume this by its name (Delhi NCR Complaints) but to discuss and debate about the real time challenges and issues faced by its people to find a feasible solution. We are fully committed and dedicated to make our beautiful city the best place to live and work in.

Delhi NCR Complaints really need your support to make it your own platform. This platform is for and about Delhi NCR people. Love your support.