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I am working as an executive in one of the renowned MNC located at Noida – Greater Noida expressway. The Noida–Greater Noida Expressway is a 24.53 km long six-lane highway connecting Noida to Greater Noida. I felt like sharing my experience with you people through Delhi NCR Complaints. It’s pain of a pedestrian who wants to get to the other side of this fast moving lane, battling and negotiating vehicles travelling at over 100kmph. And I am sure lot of people must have faced this issue.

I have done my schooling and higher education in Mumbai and got placed in an MNC at Noida – Greater Noida expressway. It was my first job and I was super excited to get into the corporate world with limitless dreams. I started preparing very passionately for the first day of my job but soon I was introduced with the challenges and hardships associated with my job. My company is located near Noida, sector- 132.   I was told to board a bus from Botanical garden towards Pari chowk and deboard at Noida, sector- 93. After deboarding here I asked somebody, how to get to sector- 132. I was told to cross the expressway to get to the other side to reach my office. And you know, this is real fast highway. It’s a kind of task to cross the road to get on the other side, negotiating vehicles travelling at over 100kmph. I was surprised to not find any foot over bridge. I took a deep breath and decided to cross the road. I crossed one side of the highway successfully but it was only half battle won. Even more deadly task was right there in front of me. Now I had to jump over the railing and start running towards my destination. While jumping over the railing, risk of slipping over the road was always there, but somehow I managed and finally reached my destination. I would have hardly covered 150 meters but it was the deadliest task I have ever been part of. This became a routine for me.

One day my Mom asked about my job, my accommodation and how I commute to office. After I shared my experience with her, she was shocked and got terrified. She was deeply concerned for me and asked me to leave this job or look for some better option. I was not the only one in my office to face this uphill task. So I along with my other colleagues discussed this issue with the management and to our surprise, management agreed to provide pick and drop facility. We are fortunate enough and really thankful to our company for such a nice favour. But not everyone is that fortunate. I may have found the right solution but problem is still there like before.

Since its establishment in 2002, the Greater Noida Expressway has been the place of hundreds of deaths. The first of several safety-related issues facing the expressway is pedestrians crossing the road. With the average speed of vehicles exceeding 85kmph, people crossing the road pose a risk to both themselves and the cars that swerve dangerously to avoid them.


The expressway doesn’t have enough signage and there is currently only one foot over-bridge on the expressway near Amity University. As a result, pedestrians and cattle alike can be seen crossing the road. The Noida Authority has proposed to build four foot over bridges (FOB) on the Noida-Greater Noida expressway in order to ensure pedestrian safety on the high speed road but even that has received no response.

Life on the fast lane is not at all a cakewalk. In the past few months, the number of accidents and deaths has increased on this fast lane, putting the Noida Authority in a fix over how to make this 24-kilometre expressway safer for the pedestrians.

In addition to this, bus shelters on the Expressway do not have any exit way for people; as a result people have no other option but to cross the road through high traffic. A string of real estate projects have come up on both sides of the expressway, equipped by good connectivity and Noida-Greater Noida growing population.“This has resulted in an increasing number of pedestrians who need to cross the road. Lack of bus stops at appropriate points and foot over-bridges means accidents are waiting to happen.

The district traffic police too have failed to check over-speeding on the stretch. While the speed limit is 100kmph for cars and 60kmph for heavy vehicles and two-wheelers, it is most often violated.

It’s a request to each and everyone to put the safest footstep ahead. Keep your safety above all and don’t forget people are waiting for you at your home. We request to authorities (UP Govt.) to construct more foot over bridges to ensure safe way for pedestrians to cross over. We request traffic police to keep a check on traffic rules violators.

Be Safe Be Happy.


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