Road Rage A Serious Threat To The Existence Of Peaceful Society

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The issue of Road rage is surely increasing and getting worse in Delhi NCR, never known to be a good-tempered city. The adverse traffic conditions and inadequacy of road system have aggravated the issue to a great extent. It has become so common to come across people who are impatient, greed-ridden and have no sensitivity towards human life. How many times have you seen people fighting or arguing in the middle of busy roads? It’s one of the very common sights in Delhi NCR. People here are known for short temperament. Even more, people take pride in showing and venting out their anger and aggression in public.

Traffic violators do not pay any heed to the law and order. Our easily molded law has also contributed to the increase in road rage incidents. People don’t give a second thought before violating traffic rules. As a matter of fact, majority of the people have been involved in a road rage experience either as the victim or the aggressor at some point or the other in their lives.

Road rage has become one of the major concerning issues these days. A recent survey highlighted that more than 1000 people a year are seriously injured or killed due to senseless traffic disputes and tiffs. It is a criminal offense which basically includes aggressive driving, traffic violation, yelling, gesticulating and dangerous on-the-road behaviors.

The breaking down of the society’s sense of community and dissolution of its shared values are the major contributors in worsening the overall scenario. Hectic schedules, busy lifestyle and polluted environment have also aided in the anxiety and short tempered behavior of delhiites. In majority of the road rage incidents that were reported, it was observed that young men are most likely to initiate them. Incessant work hysteria and the maniacal frenzy attached with the unnerving life of a metropolitan, along with preexisting stress often result in such grave consequences.

Here are a few effective ways we can avoid being a victim of road rage:

  • Don’t gesture at the other drivers.
  • Stay away from the drivers who are driving roughly.
  • Drive within the speed limit.
  • Make use of the turn signals and obey traffic rules.
  • Drive to the nearest police station or a crowded place in case a .driver is trying to threaten you
  • Avoid eye contact while driving and practice safe driving habits.
  • Follow lane driving and avoid overtaking especially in congested traffic areas.
  • Avoid the use of horn unnecessarily as it is most likely to irritate the fellow drivers.

The best way we can avoid a road rage experience is by being courteous to the fellow drivers. It is important to note that one cannot control the actions of others. The best one can do is control his reactions to them.

And most importantly have some respect and love for humanity. Just think and ask yourself what good will you achieve in any road rage incident. Spread love, peace and humanity not anger and antipathy.

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