It’s Not BJP Vs AAP Vs Congress All The Time


It has become a practice in our nation or you can say in every nation, that when something big is achieved or conquered, our political leaders come forward and start claiming the credit for such feat. A milestone which should be a proud moment for a nation suddenly transforms into a political agenda.

But the real problem starts when we as general public start throwing heaps of praise to our chosen political leader or party. Instead of cheering the feat we get into debates, which are often very derogatory, about whom to credit for such a milestone. Be it social media or mobile app or television or any other platform, we can find this kind of culture everywhere.

Slowly but rigidly people are becoming blind supporters of their chosen political leaders irrespective of the work done by them. We should support or criticize our leaders depending on their work, policies they introduce and execution of them. People are behaving more like their party spokespersons and less like critics. Such a mindset is really very dangerous for the existence of democracy because in such a situation people are actually behaving as if they are under the anesthesia of their preferred leader or political party. As if they have lost the power of rational thinking and decision making. People find ways out of nowhere to defend their politicians and demeaning the other ones.

People are seeing things or issues with preconceived notion instead of having unbiased views. People should judge or recognize their leaders based on the morality, virtues and facts not define facts and morality based on their loyalty towards their leader or party.

The most affected or you can say the most infected platform is the social media like facebook and twitter. Instead of having a healthy discussion, people start using derogatory and curse words the moment they see any opposing comments directed at their leaders. Instead of welcoming and respecting the views of others, people have their hands on trigger the moment they see a difference of opinion. Debates no longer remain debates; discussions no longer remain discussions but turn into a clash of various political groups.

It’s becoming a culture in our society and in no way productive and beneficial for the inclusive growth of us as one Indian community. Being educated and sensible citizens we should analyze the issues from all perspectives with unbiased approach. Democracy survives and thrives only when people ask questions to elected political leaders. We have voted for them, we have elected them, so by all means they are answerable to our questions and problems. They owe us their unconditional loyalty not we as Indian citizens.

We have the complete authority to criticize or support our politicians depending on their actions. We cannot and should not allow anybody to play with the integrity and dignity of our constitution our nation and our human values. We should not let our politicians divide us.

It’s a humble request to all our brothers and sisters not to get into blind faith & support for any political party or leader. This article is not about questioning the loyalty of our politicians but to question the kind of mindset we are creating for ourselves because we believe the scope of discussion/debate should always be there.

Your comments are highly valuable. Please share your inputs over this article and let us know if we go wrong somewhere.


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